About the bicentennial

This is Macon200

Throughout 2023 we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Macon, the city where soul lives. As we stand on the precipice of Macon’s third century we reflect on our past, remain rooted in the present and imagine a future blossoming with potential for all. 

The Macon-Bibb County Bicentennial Celebration is a year-long opportunity to come together as a community to both honor and acknowledge our history, while celebrating the bounty of talent and potential here, now. You are invited – whether you live near or far away – to be a part of this celebration of Macon’s 200th anniversary.

We have a unique opportunity to imagine our next one hundred years- and beyond, as we reflect upon our first two centuries. The Macon-Bibb County Bicentennial is a time to look back, learn, celebrate, remain rooted, and step into our third century with clarity, intention, and purpose. Come and see, be seen, and imagine with us.

With intentionality, let us use this time to see, learn, gain understanding and appreciation, and move forward into our next 100 years with a bold vision that inspires the hearts and souls of us all.  

Look back, remain rooted, celebrate and envision a future blossoming with potential for us all. This is Macon200.

Our Mission

The Bicentennial Committee seeks to strengthen civic pride by educating the community about our history, celebrating our accomplishments, acknowledging our past and promoting a harmonious future.

The Bicentennial Committee

Alex Habersham


Wes Griffith


Dr. Joshua W. Murfree Jr.


Julia Morrison
Marketing Chair

Virgil Adams

James Barfield

Dr. Michael Burnett

Susan Cable

Justice Verda Colvin

Andrea Cooke

Dr. Thelma Dillard

Dr. Thomas Duval

Ethiel Garlington

Dr. Beverly Glover

Denny Jones

Jaime Kaplan

Jimmy Montgomery

Beverly Knight Olson

Tracie Revis

Karla Redding-Andrews

Anna Roberts

Janice Ross

Moises Velez Saez

Gary Wheat

Come Celebrate With Us

All year long we’ll be hosting a series of unique commemorative events and exhibits to highlight Macon200. We’d love for you to come and enjoy them with us.