Bicentennial Art Show

Bicentennial Art Show & Wini McQueen Exhibit

Wini McQueen, Macon GA artist
The Bicentennial Art Show celebrates 200 years of Macon’s history and beyond, through the perspective of local visual artists. The show will open on March 16, 2023, running through December 29, 2023. It will feature three quarterlyrotating exhibits, anchored by a special featured exhibition of new work created by renowned Maconite, Wini McQueen. The Bicentennial Art Show will take place on both the first and second levels of the renewed Macon Mall, adjacent to the food court.
The themes for each of the quarterly-rotating exhibits will reflect on the past, present and future of Macon-Bibb and its people. The show will open with “Blossoming” in the spring, “Untold Stories” during the summer and “A Sense of Place” in the fall.
Visitors will be able to view and purchase both the artwork on display, as well as several limited-edition posters commissioned by artists, which commemorate the monthly historic themes.

ART SHOW HOURS: The Bicentennial Art Show gallery featuring dozens of local artists is open from 12-5 PM Fridays and Saturdays. Wini McQueen’s gallery and shop upstairs is open Saturdays from 12-5 PM. You can see “The Canopy” anytime the Macon Mall is open in the atrium in the food court.

The Canopy
Macon200 is honored to present “The Canopy,”  a bold, beautiful exploration of blooming color utilizing cotton as surface medium, through the eyes of textile artist, Wini McQueen. On creating the work, McQueen states, “The Canopy grew. I was enraptured with the idea of colors blooming. That was the point at which I woke up: Wini – go BIG.” This monumental entity symbolizes Idealism, Courage and Hope.

Video produced and provided by Big Hair Productions and Stephanie Shadden.

Blossoming: March 16 - June 2

Opening ourselves up to Macon’s joys throughout history and the success to come to our beloved city in the future. Blossoming is a theme that suggests a sense of opening up to a bright and colorful spotlight, just as Macon’s famous cherry blossoms put a beautiful spotlight on our town each year.

Featured artwork submitted as part of the “Blossoming” theme.

The Art Effect by John Mollica and Rhonda Miller
The Art Effect by John Mollica and Rhonda Miller

Untold Stories: June 16 - September 1

Evoking important names, faces, and places that have been buried or unknown to Macon. Untold Stories is a theme that can simultaneously challenge our history and uplift Macon’s future by focusing on those who may feel forgotten or unappreciated.

Featured artwork submitted as part of the “Untold Stories” theme.

Can You Hear My Voice by DSTO Moore
Can You Hear My Voice by DSTO Moore

A Sense of Place: September 15 - December 29

Defining the essence of what makes our fair city uniquely Macon. A Sense of Place is a theme that implies nostalgia and attachment to the ground we walk on, while exploring what more that Macon could become.

Featured artwork submitted as part of the “A Sense of Place” theme.

Ocmulgee Moment Untitled by Christopher Ian Smith
Ocmulgee Moment Untitled by Christopher Ian Smith