Macon's History

Learn, Honor and Acknowledge

Macon’s 200 year history is rich…and poor; black…and white; joyful…and tragic. In short, as with all communities’ histories, it is complicated and paradoxical.  And our history goes back even further. The true origin of community, civilization and culture on the land where Macon has existed for 200 years is actually found close to 17,000 years ago when people first called this place home.

The Macon-Bibb Bicentennial Celebration is a year-long opportunity to come together as a community to both honor and acknowledge our history, while celebrating the bounty of talent and potential here, now. 

With intentionality, let us use this time to see, learn and gain understanding and appreciation for our history in order to guide us forward into our next 100 years with a bold vision that inspires the hearts and souls of us all.  

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In recent decades, Macon has undergone redevelopment and revitalization, preserving its historic architecture and enhancing its cultural offerings. Today, Macon is known for its lively arts scene, rich history and vibrant downtown area. Learn more about the history of Macon via the online resources below.

Online Resources:

Visit Macon

Middle Georgia Regional Library

New Georgia Encyclopedia

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park

Tubman African American Museum

Historic Macon Foundation

Hay House

Otis Redding Foundation

Macon Arts Alliance

The Grand Opera House

Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

The Big House Museum

The Cannonball House

Douglass Theatre

Macon Music Trail

Macon Works

Historic Grant’s Lounge

Capricorn Sound Studios and Museum